Available Parking
5 mins
Lot Capacity Address Daily Rate Valet Rate (Always available)

All terminal parking garages remain open at a discounted rate of $15 per day.

Online reservations are now available for any Terminal Garage Click here to reserve your parking.

HOU has two self-parking garages close to the terminal. The Red Garage also offers Valet Parking. Both the Blue Garage and the Red Garage feature automated parking locator systems.

Blue Garage & Red Garage Rates:

Hourly Parking    Pre-Tax Rate Rate W/ Tax
0 -1 hrs  FREE FREE
1-2 hrs  $        5.54  $        6.00
2-3 hrs  $        7.39  $        8.00
3-5 hrs  $        9.24  $      10.00
5-24 hrs  $       13.86  $      15.00
Daily Parking  $       13.86  $      15.00

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For questions related to parking in the HOU parking garages, please contact New South Parking at

View HOU Parking Map.


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