Passenger experience elevated as first round of new dining options open at Hobby Airport

The culinary concepts, which are rooted in local flavor, are the first of 20 new dining concepts thoughtfully curated to meet the standards of Hobby Airport, the first and only 5-Star airport in North America.

February 19, 2024

HOUSTON- Houston Airports is elevating the guest experience for millions of travelers at William P. Hobby Airport, HOU. A new selection of distinct and fun culinary options celebrate the mouth-watering and signature flavors of Houston. The eclectic mix of local favorites and trusted national brands strengthen a sense of place within the 5-Star Skytrax airport.   

On Monday, February 19, 2024, Houston Airports celebrated the opening of The Spot, The Spot Bar, Velvet Taco, Fat Cat Creamery and Dunkin Donuts while moving forward with Phase 2 of a four-phase food and beverage transition at Houston’s first commercial airport. The second phase of new dining concept are set to open this summer. 

The new airport culinary concepts include local favorites like The Rustic, Throughgood Coffee, Killen’s Barbeque, Common Bond, SpindleTap, Pink’s Pizza, Dish Society and Landry’s Seafood.

"Houston Airports has always been committed to providing an exceptional and world-class experience for our guests, and this initiative at Hobby Airport exemplifies our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction,” said Francisco Cuellar, Chief Commercial Development Officer for Houston Airports. “Houston Airports is relentless in our quest to make our passengers happy. I am confident these new concessions will elevate the already incredible experience guests of Hobby Airport have come to expect from the first and only 5-Star airport in North America.”  

The decision to introduce Dunkin' Donuts, Velvet Taco, Fat Cat Creamery, and The Spot at Hobby Airport is not just about adding popular brands; it's a strategic move to celebrate Houston.




Velvet Taco, known for its inventive and globally inspired taco creations, is set to captivate the taste buds of travelers through a menu that combines bold flavors and high-quality ingredients.

Fat Cat Creamery, a local Houston favorite, will delight passengers with its artisanal ice cream made from scratch. Travelers can indulge in a sweet escape before boarding their next flight. 

The Spot, a local institution, will offer a taste of the region’s legendary burgers and casual dining experience. Travelers can savor the authentic flavors that have made The Spot a culinary destination.

Dunkin' Donuts, a beloved and iconic brand, will bring its signature coffee and donuts to the airport, offering travelers a familiar and comforting start to their journeys. 

In early 2023, Houston City Council approved two separate food and beverage concessions contracts between Houston Airports and Areas HOU JV and LaTrelle’s Management. A new lineup of nearly two dozen food and beverage concepts reflects the ambitious goal of Houston Airports to offer brands that meet the guiding principles of its concessions vision for Hobby Airport:  

  • Achieve exceptional customer service and offer a five-star experience  
  • Offer greater variety and quality for passengers   
  • Increase opportunities for local operators  
  • Encourage innovative, unique and exciting concepts   
  • Showcase Houston as a premier, world-class destination   
  • Create a sense of place within the airport   

PHASE 2 (Summer 2024) 

  • The Rustic *

  • Starbucks

  • Throughgood Coffee *

  • Chick-fi-la

  • Pei Wei

  • Starbucks 

PHASE 3 (Fall 2024) 

  • Killen’s Barbeque *

  • Common Bond Café *

  • Yard House

  • SpindleTap Brewery *

PHASE 4 (Spring 2025) 

  • Pink’s Pizza *

  • Wendy’s
    Jersey Mike’s

  • Dish Society *

  • Landry’s Seafood House * 

*indicates local restaurant concept