ACI World ranks Bush Airport among top 20 busiest airports worldwide

ACI World, the most authoritative source for global airport passenger, cargo and aircraft movement traffic, complied data to rank more than 2,600 airports across more than 180 countries and territories. 

July 19, 2023
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MONTREAL – Airports Council International (ACI) World has today published the latest World Airport Traffic Dataset, confirming the top 20 busiest airports in the world and revealing airport passenger, cargo, and aircraft movement rankings for over 2,600 airports across more than 180 countries and territories.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston ranked 17th for aircraft movements in 2022. 

The dataset’s key findings confirm total global passenger traffic for 2022—surpassing 6.6 billion—the return of international traffic, and the prevalence of U.S. airports in the top rankings.  

ACI World Director General Luis Felipe de Oliveira said: “In the face of cost pressures and tight labor markets, the world’s airports continue to serve the public’s thirst to travel by air. Airports have once more proven their resiliency as reflected in the key findings from the ACI World Airport Traffic Dataset. As always, reliable data remains fundamental to our advocacy and development of timely airport guidance. Airports and aviation stakeholders must continue to focus wholeheartedly on building a safe, secure, efficient, and environmentally sustainable air transport system fit to welcome the doubling of passengers that will travel through our doors in the next two decades.”

ACI collects airport traffic every year through its global network of airport operator members, investors, and aviation stakeholders. The dataset allows users to filter through accurate and reliable numbers that can be segmented on a regional, national, and airport level and by traffic type.

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Aircraft movements

  • Global aircraft movements were close to 85 million, representing a gain of 14.8% from 2021 results or a recovery at 82.4% from pre-pandemic levels.
  • The top 20 airports represent 11.4% of global traffic (9.7 million movements).
  • From the top 20 rankings, 13 airports are in the U.S. 

The top 20 airports represent 11.4% of global traffic (9.7 million movements).

From the top 20 rankings, 13 airports are in the U.S.


Chart showing Aircraft movements


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