Access Houston Airports App Rollout a Success
13 de Febrero de 2020

Houston Airports rolled out a free app in October to enhance the airport experience for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their caregivers. After only a few months Access Houston Airports has proven successful.

Since its launch on October 1, the app has received more than 2,400 downloads.

“It’s no surprise that families are finding the app useful,” said Tim Joniec, the director of government relations and Americans with Disability Act coordination at Houston Airports. “With the app, families receive an array of tools to transition through all phases of the airport experience.  From arriving to the airport, to departing the airport and everything in between, the app’s comprehensive approach aids in improving passenger comfort.”

The app is embedded with research-based strategies proven to help individuals with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Specific app features include:

  • explorer guides, short picture stories that describe each space in the airport;
  • schedule function, a visual checklist that can be customized;
  • communication icons, to assist those who are less verbal in talking or asking for help; and
  • caregiver supports, including terminal maps, tips and more to help in planning a visit to the airport.

Access Houston Airports is free to download, and available through the App Store and Google Play. Learn more about the app via this link with closed captioning: